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Edge Cloud’s enterprise-level cloud servers

Are designed for any business computing needs. You can manage and request virtual machines, storage and networks in real time via our self-service online portal allowing you to create and run a computing instance in just a few minutes.
Take advantage on our utility-based pricing so you only pay for the exact amount of server space used. Our cloud servers also allow you to scale resources up or down, depending on demand, so that you’re not paying for idle infrastructure costs when demand is low.
With our cloud servers offering, you can optimize IT performance without the huge costs associated with purchasing and managing fully dedicated infrastructure. Businesses with variable demands and workloads often find that cloud servers are an ideal fit.

Our Cloud Solution Features

Excellent Performance

Gain high performance advantages over our private cloud, with dedicated resources for your business.


Your apps and data are virtualized and segregated from other firms’ resources. Physically isolated network, computing, and storage layers improve dedicated cloud security.

High Availability

Storage dispersed technique guarantees 99.99% uptime. All Private cloud instances failover automatically to a different server if the original host fails.


Request additional resources or modify your computing needs easily on our Self-Service Online Portal.


Customize resources, storage and networking components to best suit your computing needs.

Locally Hosted

All customer data stays in the Philippines.