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This Agreement represents a Service Level Agreement (“SLA” or “Agreement”) between Edge Cloud Technology and Solutions (EDGE CLOUD) and Customer for the provisioning of Cloud services required to support and sustain the service.
By using the EDGE CLOUD service, the customer is deemed to understand and agree that the service used is the full responsibility of the customer. Customer is responsible for losses suffered by customers directly or indirectly, or losses due to loss of revenue/real profits expected by customers and claims from any party for interruption of EDGE CLOUD services. When EDGE CLOUD is not able to fulfill 99% of the lifetime per month, there will be compensation in the form of a service fee deduction to customers in the following month which is called a service credit.
The EDGE CLOUD SLA has the following commitments:


EDGE CLOUD guarantees 99% network uptime per month outside of scheduled maintenance times and announced via email to customers at least 24 hours in advance. Things that happen beyond EDGE CLOUD’s control such as routing anomalies, asymmetry, inconsistencies and internet network disconnections will not be considered as a failure of this network lifetime guarantee.
The goal of the SLA is also to define the rules of interaction between EDGE CLOUD and the Customer. This SLA is an integral part of the Contract completed between EDGE CLOUD and the Customer with the rules laid down in Article 6 of the Terms and Conditions. This SLA applies separately to each Customer and for each Contract.


EDGE CLOUD guarantees system infrastructure services will be available 99% every month including maintenance. This system infrastructure includes all power and HVAC, including UPS, PDU, and cables.


EDGE CLOUD guarantees 99% services from all hosted servers including compute, storage and hardware virtualization (hypervisor). If a host server fails, EDGE CLOUD guarantees that the repair will be completed within 8 hours from the time of problem identification. If server migration is required due to the degradation of host server performance, EDGE CLOUD will send notification to customers at least 24 hours via e-mail prior to migration, except in an emergency situation, EDGE CLOUD must migrate to protect customer data.


All EDGE CLOUD services are available 99% monthly, but excludes for:


EDGE CLOUD has a full-service data backup which can only be used for Data Recovery purposes against disruptions to EDGE CLOUD’s hardware and software so that the service cannot be accessed and requires recovery from a data backup. The time to keep a backup copy of the data is minus one day (D-1).
Customer understands that it is the sole responsibility of the customer to ensure that all data held by the Customer is backed up. EDGE CLOUD is not responsible for data loss resulting from failure or loss of backup media or inability to access such data. In no event shall EDGE CLOUD be liable for damages resulting from loss of data, additional loss or damage or serious damages, even if such damages have been advised.
EDGE CLOUD is not responsible for data loss due to customer error. Here are some examples of customer errors that can cause data to be lost:


Guaranteed 99% uptime for Network, Infrastructure, Server and Host converted to 8 hours of downtime compensation calculated on a monthly basis. When EDGE CLOUD does not meet the uptime guarantee, EDGE CLOUD will use the formula below to calculate the service credit in lieu of the customer:
Monthly subscription fee / (30 – 0.15) * (Total service downtime * 8)


All SLA claims must be notified by email to within seven days of the incident. The e-mail must include all relevant information, such as account name, host name, IP address, and a description of the incident. SLA credit will be given as compensation for reducing the customer’s billing amount in the following month.
No service credit is issued for service interruptions caused by: