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Edge Cloud’s VPC

Offers customers an isolated logical portion within our multi-tenant architecture. This enables you to create their own private networks, storage and compute capacity dedicated to each account for complete separation, security and control over your data.
With our VPC, you can connect to your remote networks via a virtual private network (VPN) connection. Our VPC is ideal for companies seeking high levels of security, privacy and control, such as healthcare and financial organizations dealing with regulatory compliance. Businesses also find VPC ideal for running mission-critical applications.

Our Cloud Solution Features

Excellent Performance

Gain high performance advantages over our private cloud, with dedicated resources for your business.


Your apps and data are virtualized and segregated from other firms’ resources. Physically isolated network, computing, and storage layers improve dedicated cloud security.

High Availability

Storage dispersed technique guarantees 99.99% uptime. All Private cloud instances failover automatically to a different server if the original host fails.


Request additional resources or modify your computing needs easily on our Self-Service Online Portal.


Customize resources, storage and networking components to best suit your computing needs.

Locally Hosted

All customer data stays in the Philippines.